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How to Aquire LEED Certification Using Oolite Limestone



LEED Certification levels are undoubtly the most prevalevent third-party certifcation used globally. "Leaders across the globe have made LEED the most widely used green building rating system in the world with 1.85 million square feet of construction space certifying every day." Not only does this certifcation provide a green enviornment, but also reaps more profits in the long run for business owners. So how can your business take advantage of this opportunity? Simply using locally quarried oolite can make or break those extra points required. Oolitic limestone is located in the heart of Miami, Fl.  In the steps below, you will see just how easily you can get ahold of this oolite stone.


Step 1: Identify Local Stone in the Area

  • Quarries are a great source of local material. Although some may provide oolite, be sure that they provide the oolitic limestone as a building stone. This is also done so at Epic Stoneworks on a daily basis.
  • A quick google search can lead you in the right direction as well.

Step 2: Background Research  

  • Before you jump into any quarry however, be sure to do a little research.
  • Call the owner of said quarry and ask two simple questions.
    • Are you a registered government mine?
    • Do you produce building stone?
  • These provided questions will help accelerate your search for the appropiate oolite limestone.

Step 3: Pay Attention to Details

  • So, you find the right quarry for the job...Now what?
  • Request two simple items from the owner.
    • Specification Sheet: this simple, one-page sheet will give you the details you need.
    • Samples: collecting a sample of the product can personally assure you that this is the oolite that you want to buy. 

Step 4: LEED Certified 

  • Be sure that this selected quarry is geographically located within a LEED certified radius to be considered a local material. Specifically, this is a 500 mile radius.



 Buy Local Oolite Here

Following these four steps, you should have your oolitelimestone on the jobsite in no time. Along with this great product, you can assure yourself that you will have additional points counting towards the job's LEED certification. 

Best Regards,

Matthew Albregts