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A backyard should be a personal paradise to come home to, not a rotten hell to look at. As hard as it may look, do not let looks deceive you. I had your same thoughts just a couple of years ago. Instead of accepting a sub-par yard, I took matters into my own hand. From the empty pot on your patio to the burning stone beside your pool, I covered it all.  By following the provided steps below, you will see just how easily you too can remodel your backyard.

Step 1: Subtle yet Sleek

To start off your backyard makeover, begin with small steps. Simply fill in your pots with a decorative gravel. Any sort of decorative pebbles or beach pebbles will instantly add more value to your yard by highlighting preexisting structures: such as your shrubs, plants, or trees. These landscaping rocks also come in different sizes; the sizes are usually measured in inches. Grab a tape measure and calculate the amount of square feet you are trying to cover. Once you complete this, you can be the judge of what size stone to purchase. Depending on the look that you are trying to accomplish, be sure to know which type of pebble, whether Mexican beach pebbles or a Tiger Striped polished pebbles, you need in order to maximize its worth.

Step 2: Finding your Path

If you put in the effort to make your backyard a point of paradise, then you might as well add a path to lead them there. Your path to success starts with a simple google search for stepping stones or patio pavers. Select the stone that you think will not only compliment your yard, but also enhance the front of your house. Whether in the front or back, these paths may be used in your front yard as a pathway to the door or in your backyard as a walkway. Upon selecting your paver, decide on which cut you would prefer: either regular or irregular fitted. As you near the end of your perfect trail outside your house, keep focused on the little details. Grab your tape measure again, and stretch out the exact measurements of each stones spacing from one another. After gently placing down these patio paver stones, look out to your perfect path and go for a stroll.

Step 3: A Cool Touch

So you’ve followed the previous steps by adding in beds of pebbles and a path around your house, but now the heat has become too much and you cant even walk in your amazing new yard. Living in Miami, a summer’s heat can be enough to stay inside. Even with your newly installed pool, you can’t even step outside without burning your feet. This could be your opportunity to finally replace that scorching stone with travertine pool pavers or maybe a travertine pool deck. Unlike other stone, this stone provides a unique asset necessary to any backyard or pool: instead of soaking the sun and burning up, a travertine paver keeps its cool and chills the bottom of your feet. Browse through our current selection of pavers here as we have a limited time offer of our 6x12” travertine pavers with reduced price of $2.30 per square feet. With your newly installed travertine patio, feel free to walk around your backyard with ease and comfort.


With this list, you now have the instructions to complete your personal paradise. All you have to bring is your elbow grease to these patio ideas. An updated backyard will not only attract more friends over, but also adds more money in your pocket at the end of the day. Especially in Miami, a better yard equals a better market price. You can now look out to your yard with a sense of confidence and satisfaction. Feel free to tag us @epicstoneworks on Pinterest or Houzz with your improved back yard along with the hashtag #PointofParadise 

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