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What is Florida Oolite Stone?

Quick Facts:

  • Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines oolite as " a rock consisting of small round grains usually of calcium carbonate cemented together".  You are probably wondering how this will relate to your landscape design or architectural plans.  More than likely it won't, but we had fun discussing this with Fred, our plant manager.
  • Florida Oolite Stone is quarried in Miami-Dade County, FL.
  • We have seen it referred to as Florida Keystone, Coral Stone, Florida Coral Stone, Dominican Coral Stone or just plain old Oolite.
  • Unlike the real Florida Keystone and Dominican Coral Stone, we do not recomend Florida Oolite to be used as stone tile.
  • Florida Oolite is best applied as an architectural stone veneer, landscaping stone, or retaining wall blocks.

Example of Florida Oolite in Landscape Architecture

Florida Oolite can be sawn into square or rectangular blocks in order to create planting beds.

mercedes install2.jpg

 Photo Coutesy of Exoticscapes, Inc.

One of the most important considerations when using Florida Oolite Stone is to be aware of its' porosity.  These oolite stone blocks are already exhibiting signs of the "aging" process that is typically seen.  Note the edges and corners of the blocks.  Small chips and breaks are to be expected, thereby adding to the stone's old world appeal.  

Florida Oolite Stone has been used in many historical and estate homes.  It offers a unique tropical look, and over time will blend into the landscape as if it were there for decades.  How can you specify this stone into your next project? Contact one of the stone specialists here at Epic, and we can provide more information to guide you through your design process.